4 of the Coolest Song Covers of All Time

1. Jimi Hendrix All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)

Veteran rockers Pearl Jam made headlines this week for their cover of the Frozen smash-hit “Let it Go,” and with good reason — the brief interlude during a live performance of their classic song “Daughter” was amped up and took on a melancholy groove with Eddie Vedder behind the mic. But the 90s alt-rockers aren’t the first band to take a hit from another genre and make it their own. Check out these other memorable covers from some of music’s most talented artists.

Bob Dylan’s haunting, narrative ballad got an electric makeover when legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix recorded it with his band, The Experience. The song appeared on Hendrix’s album Electric Ladyland only six months after Dylan recorded it. But Hendrix’s version is so powerful — due largely to his driving guitar riffs and grainy vocal interpretation — that it’s often considered to be the superior version. Dylan spoke highly of Hendrix’s cover, stating the infamous rocker’s take “overwhelmed” him, and that he feels he’s paying tribute to Hendrix each time he performs it.