5 Commonly Occurring Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

#1 Weight Loss and Loss of Appetite

 Weight Loss and Loss of Appetite

One of the most rarely observed gynecological cancers is ovarian cancer. It is the most dangerous types of cancers and lucky are those who survive it. It’s great if your doctor can detect the problem in its early stage. If it is done, your chances to stay alive are greater.

Most women who have ovarian cancer can start losing weight without any clear reason. The person then loses appetite, too. As we know the ovaries are located close to the intestines. When the tumor begins to develop, it may press the stomach and inner organs. It gives a feeling of fullness and bloating. Your appetite and metabolism depend on the amount of hormones that the tumor produces. In a relatively short time the patient notices some great changes – the foods the person loved most do not taste as delicious. If you have experienced a 10% weight loss in a short period of time, it might mean that you need to consult your doctor and take some certain tests.