5 Destinations Every Swimmer Should Avoid

Rivers, seas, oceans and lakes have always attracted people. Whenever we book a trip, we look for a destination closer to water. This is quite understandable – water helps us relax and restore.

In some places seas and oceans are not really safe and we suggest you should never swim in them. Here are the most dangerous places for people who like bathing:

1. Queensland, Australia
Australian marine life can be considered to be the most incredible in the world. It is fun to explore such unusual places and see their flora and fauna. Nevertheless, there is one place you shouldn’t go to. It is located nearby Queensland. Some parts of the ocean there are full of sharks. The salty waters are also home for crocodiles. Besides the sharks and crocodiles there are venomous octopuses. We wouldn’t like you to meet another representative of the local fauna – the box jellyfish whose poison kills a human in approximately five minutes.