5 Places Where Swimmers Should Never Go

Shark Alley South Africa

Shark Alley South Africa country.southafrica.net

There are several places where swimming is not recommended. It is sometimes risky and dangerous to swim. In order to avoid possible dangers, please get familiar with the list provided below.

Before you book a trip to any of the destinations, think well and analyze all pros and cons of those areas. All places are beautiful, but not all of them are safe.
Forget a free-swim in Shark Alley. This is impossible to do unless you are looking to die. The problem is that this area is known for a variety of sharks. Tourists and local people come to that place to hunt sharks. One of the species of sharks that is especially dangerous is the Great White. The number of these sharks is very high so people who are ready to enter the Shark Alley do so in a steel cage.