5 Signs That Your Date Has an Abusive Nature

#1 The man rushes into a new relationship

 The man rushes into a new relationship

Dating an abuser is no fun at all. Especially if the signs that might tell you about his true nature are hidden. Inexperienced daters may believe that the person they are going on a date with is a nice individual.

The sad fact is that in life you will inevitably meet different personalities. Dealing with some of them might feel frustrating and rather disappointing. Here is a list of signs that make an abuser different from normal people.
Love at first sight does exist. We cannot deny the fact that there are plenty of couples who claim they fell in love with each other right the moment they met and saw each other for the first time. This is quite possible, but it is not really common. If the man you are dating rushes into a relationship, be careful since this may not be a very positive sign. Think what it is that made him want to have a relationship with you so soon.