5 Types of Lines and Wrinkles That Are not Related to Your Age

#1 A Lot of Stress and Tension

 A Lot of Stress and Tension

Wrinkles do not always mean that you have grown old. Fine lines appear when you ignore the five points described below. Here are a few things that cause wrinkles.

Who doesn’t know how terrible you feel when you are going through hardships? Trouble makes us look worse. We wear out sooner – during stressful times people suffer from insomnia and other conditions. If you do not get enough rest, all of your body starts suffering. In a few days you realize that you cannot do without pills and start taking medicine that reduces stress and tension. However, depression and all other negative emotions influence the way your skin feels and looks. Stress is the reason why your cortisol levels significantly increase. This is the hormone that ruins elastin and collagen that are responsible for good skin.