6 Answers to Why You Still Feel Hurt after Your Relationship

#1 We think that we’ll feel fine as time passes

 We think that we’ll feel fine as time passes

Broken hearts make do not stop us from falling in love with the wrong people. We keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Why does it happen and are there any ways to avoid being hurt in a relationship? Let’s see the reasons why we feel pain after breakups.

Wounds are said to heal as days pass. But what if you get those wounds all life long and feel as if your entire life is all about trying to heal your wounds? We watch movies, take advice from friends and read books written by bright minds. We are taught how to live our lives and treat others. However, all this stuff hardly help us avoid painful experience. The answer is in you. Analyze the situation, learn from your own mistakes and try not to repeat them.