6 of the Best Shows You Never Watched

1. The Tomorrow People (The CW)

We’ve all experienced that moment of sheer panic when our favorite show has been cancelled. Any Arrested Development fan back in the day remembers what it was liking watching a brilliant show fight for its life. Or the devoted following of Firefly, who watched a brilliant show get cut tragically short. Meanwhile The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men power on as two of the most watched shows on TV, and no one seems to know why. But while Arrested and Firefly had cult followings that later got both back on the air in some form, there is a host of other amazing shows that weren’t so lucky. Sometimes, even the best shows can’t get enough traction to hang around.

It’s hard to believe that a show not considered significant enough to hang around on The CW would be worth your trouble, but consider this one an exception. Rebooted from a British sci-fi series in 1979 of the same name, The Tomorrow People recounts the adventures of a group of supernaturally powered teens and 20-somethings under siege from a shady, monolithic government agency known as Ultra. The premise may seem a bit tired and the dialogue at times borders on cheesy (hey, it’s still The CW), but what it provides is an entertaining show with exciting stakes and fun characters. Sadly, it managed to eek out just one season before it got the ax.

Meta Critic Rating: 50; User Score: 7.9
Cancelled: 2014
Where to Watch: Netflix, 22 episodes

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