6 of the Best TV Title Sequences on Air Today

1. Mad Men

. Mad Men

Source: HBO

The opening title sequence has become something of a lost art in recent years. Nowadays, most shows opt for flashing the title across the screen after a 7- to 10-minute opening sequence, followed by the rest of the show on the other end with credits showing up with the next 2-3 minutes of action. On the other side of the coin though, we’ve seen shows like True Blood and Dexter treat their opening sequences as an opportunity to further contextualize their respective themes. With both now off the air, there’s a brand new crop of shows left to carry the torch.

From men falling out windows to creepy imagery set to iconic theme songs, this next generation of title sequences is one that shows us why 40 seconds can come to define an entire saga.

Ever since it first came on the air back in 2007, Mad Men has been one of the driving forces behind movie-quality production on TV. For their 36-second opening sequence, we have the same artistry. Reminiscent of the opening to a James Bond flick, we see silhouettes set to an iconic orchestral theme song guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Instantly recognizable in the very first seconds, it’s a classic style that evokes images of the simpler times Mad Men depicts.