7 Cancerogenous Foods That You Have in the Fridge

#1 Soda Pop

 Soda Pop

Familiarize with the list below and see whether you have any of the mentioned foods in your kitchen. Remember that eating them may increase the risk of cancer.

Sodas are unhealthy. Luckily, there’re plenty of other drinks that are not harmful at all and that can perfectly replace your favorite soda if this is really your addiction. In spite of all the warnings coming from doctors and dietitians, people’s addiction to sodas is so severe, that nothing stops them from drinking this type of drinks. Why are sodas so harmful? Well, they, first of all, contain too much sugar. This causes obesity and diabetes. Sodas do not contain vitamins or minerals and do not provide your body with anything good. All they give is a huge amount of empty calories. After drinking a glass of soda you never feel full. On the contrary, they raise your blood sugar level which makes you feel hungry and you start craving more sugar. Finally, sodas increase stomach acid and you might feel pain.