7 Electric Vehicles That Powered Green Car Sales in November


How are vehicle sales impacted by gas prices? According to a University of Michigan study cited by GasBuddy.com, the effect is immediate. While a vehicle purchase could impact a consumer’s finances for over a decade, Americans toss aside fuel economy concerns and go big when gas is cheap. When oil and gas prices spike (as they always do), the tide turns and green cars become popular again.

In November, U.S. green car consumers appeared to shrug off the low gas prices on the way to purchasing 6% more plug-in vehicles than in the prior year. Most pure electric vehicles — from the cheaper golf-cart models to more luxurious German EVs — saw considerable gains on the month. New electric vehicles hitting the market also provided a boost, proving that consumers want these cars on principle, cheap gas or not. They just need viable options when they go shopping.

Here are seven electric vehicles that powered U.S. green car sales in November. (Note: Since Tesla does not quote monthly sales or sales by country, the Model S is never up for consideration on our monthly lists.) Statistics are provided by the automakers.