7 Most Disgusting Things We Do For Our Beloved

#1 Rubbing feet

 Rubbing feet

Elvis Presley couldn’t “help falling in love”. How low do we sometimes fall to prove how committed we are to someone?

Actually, some of the so-called nasty things do not look too nasty when we genuinely love someone. The things listed below might turn your stomach, but I am pretty sure you have also done something of the sort. Surprisingly enough, most people have and always will. Why? That’s simply because they love each other.
You love yourself and this explains why you do not feel disgusted with yourself when you are trying to squeeze that annoying acne. We are human beings and everyday routine teaches us to tolerate ourselves and others.
We have listed 7 most disgusting things that people are ready to do for their partners. Let’s see how far love can take us. And would you be ready and willing to do any of these for your spouse?

Both genders find feet too gross to touch. And no, we are not now talking about foot fetishists who can spend hours touching someone’s feet. Yet we readily give our partner foot massage if we know this will help them relax and feel healthier.