7 Sightseeing Spots to Visit during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

#1 Copacabana


Rio de Janeiro is visited by tourists for a variety of reasons. Most of those who go there return back home full of positive emotions and memorable moments experienced there.

There’re plenty to see since it offers numerous tourist attractions. Whether you are into mountains or urban parks – Rio has got whatever you wish for. Next time you go to Rio, do all possible to see the following sites:

The city is truly blessed – there’s a picturesque beach at the very heart of it. It is around four kilometers long and stretches along the city’s center. We cannot avoid mentioning the streets surrounding the place. Have a look at Avenida Nossa Senhora or Avenida Atlântica or any of the smaller streets and you’ll never want to leave the country. Stay in one of the cozy hotels, observe ancient buildings and dine in a popular restaurant or café. Copacabana Palace is a must-see structure. It was built in 1920s and is now considered a national monument. Copacabana Palace is a luxurious hotel that was once featured in the 1933 movie Flying Down to Rio.