Makeup Tutorial: Become A Professional At Applying False Lashes

#This is what you will need:

Let us see what secrets about false lashes "beauty and fashion experts", such as Lauren Cosenza, know. This makeup artist understands how important it is for us, girls, to look stunning.

And today she is ready and willing to share her beauty secrets with others. Following her advice you will easily turn into an ace and see that the procedure is not as messy as it might seem at first.
•    A set of false lashes
•    Scissors
•    A tube of lash glue
•    Tweezers
•    Mascara
1. First things first!
What you should start with is taking measurements. Take the false lashes and measure them to your eye. It‘s essential to make sure that they are not too long by aligning the strip against your natural lash line. Do not use eyeliner before you apply the falsies. Eyeliner will be applied at the very end of the procedure. And, on the contrary, if you were planning on applying eye shadow, then do it before you start applying falsies.

This is what you will need: