Sleeping in this Mountain Hut at Top of the Alps is Totally Free

#1 The Alpine Hut

Sleeping in this mountain hut is totally free, if you’re willing to climb 8,300ft to get there. This cabin is located on the top of the Alps at an altitude of 2531 meters above sea level. It is designed for hikers and climbers as a guest house. Inside the cabin, there are nine beds.

To build this alpine hut area of ​​16 square meters. m, took only one day of the team of 12 people. It is built on a 6-concrete pillars and is constructed from prefabricated panels. Guest cabin has been designed by the Italian architect Giovanni Pesamoska (Giovanni Pesamosca) in memory of the dead climber Luka Vueriche (Luca Vuerich) and built last summer.

 The Alpine Hut
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