The 5 NFL Teams Nobody Wanted to Watch This Season

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

There are many reasons why people don’t come out to see their local NFL team in person. Tickets are expensive, football fans can be relatively uncouth (check out Deadspin’s “Why Your Team Sucks” series for innumerable examples), and the advent of high definition television, coupled with the NFL’s extraordinary production value, all make arguments for why the couch can be more appealing than stadium seats. That said, there’s still the undeniable draw of being there in person, for seeing something in the flesh as it unfolds, rather than hanging out at home and waiting for the highlight reel.

Using data gathered from ESPN and TiqIQ, we’ve compiled a list of five teams that have rounded out the bottom of the list this season when it comes to home attendance, coupled with the team’s average ticket prices, in an attempt to dissect what might be at the root of all those empty spots that’ve appeared week in and week out.